Student Conduct and Guidelines

When you are in different environments you are often wondering “What are the expectations?” “What are the guidelines?” At The Jesus Lab our guidelines are found within the values we are hoping to instill in your life.

God has called you to The Jesus Lab, and our mission is to facilitate an encounter with the finished work of Christ! 

We have learned the important truth that who we are and how we walk that out is expressed and affected by simple choices and behaviors. These choices and behaviors produce a lifestyle. Ultimately this lifestyle flows from who you are.

The following is a practical expression of conduct/behaviors that flow from the core of who you are. We find them very helpful in creating an atmosphere that advances the Kingdom in you and in us as a community together.



Students with FOCUS have a “YES” in their spirit so strong they can say “NO” to distractions and compromise. Focus is key in accomplishing all that God has called you to become and do. So, at the very least, focus is expressed by the following:

  • Complete the online teachings and quizzes before the lab.

  • Come to the lab on time.

  • Quiet down immediately when someone begins to address the lab participants.

  • Give whoever is speaking the honor of your full attention. This means not being on Facebook, checking your email/text messages, surfing the internet, etc. Minimize distraction and enjoy the growth you will experience.

  • Turn your cell phone ringer off and do not answer it in lab. Return calls at the break or after the lab.

  • Do your Bible reading on time, so that you can discuss the Word and integrate Truth into your life.

  • Read the assigned books on time, so that you can discuss and integrate their principles into your life.



“Lovers out-produce workers on any given day.” When we are passionate about something our whole being is engaged. Our mind, emotions, bodies and energy are all directed at the “thing” that has captured us. Obviously, the Lord himself is the One we encourage you to direct your passion towards. As you love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, you tap into His passion for His church, the lost, and yourself. At the least, passion is expressed in the following:

  • Worship with your whole being! Worship is not free time, nor a time for conversation. It is a vital sacrifice we bring to the King every day. It is a step beyond convenience. It does take a purposeful heart to worship every day with joy, but He is so worth it! Allowing yourself to become disconnected or uninvolved is not a healthy option.

  • Allow your passion to be revealed in excellence. Some of the work you are asked to do is only viewed by you and God. That should be enough for you! If you find yourself trying to cut comers or “beat the system”, you are missing the point.



You are already well aware of what it has cost you in time, finances, perhaps moving to a new region, etc. to attend, and we recognize and value your sacrifice. Still, there is more! The Jesus Lab is not just a “Tuesday” night school. It is a nine-month facilitated encounter, and we are in this together for the joyful duration. Willing to pay any price is expressed through conducts such as:

  • Please be present.

    • Don’t check in and then leave to have a conversation or go out to get coffee so you are “on time” but not present in worship or the lab.

    • Please do not linger in foyer during worship and/or teaching time.

  • It is our expectation that you will very seldom need to leave the lab early. If you must, please let the person in charge of attendance know.

  • Attendance in the labs, and other events is a large part of our school experience. So, we expect you to faithfully attend on time.

  • Leading with a “king’s heart and servant’s hands” is such a joy! Be quick to volunteer or serve at an event. Your leaders have been setting an example in this area for years. One important lesson they have learned is that “The seat of service often turns into the throne of destiny”.

  • The Jesus Lab is dependent upon your faithful payment of your school tuition. “Paying any price” looks like getting a job, diligently getting support from your family & friends, or giving up something important or pleasurable (like latte or a trip) in order to keep your school tuition current.



Our behavior deeply affects one another. We are not our own. We have been bought with a price and placed in a family. We can help each other soar or knock the joy out of each other. Learning to forgive, get along, lovingly confront, encourage, take responsibility for each other, and cultivating the desire to seek someone else’s “highest best” above our own is the definition of maturity. So, at the very least let’s:

  • Realize your Christian freedom is not an end in itself. It is not the goal; rather, it is a tool for building something beautiful. Freedom provides the space and opportunity to truly love. Will you love? Will you choose what is best for the beloved or the family? Will you use your freedom to protect our connection and our hearts or for selfishness? “You my brothers were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather serve one another in love” (Gal 5: 13).

  • Confront one another in love. If someone is doing something scary or destructive, then tell them. Help each other by speaking the truth in love. If someone is making poor choices about drugs or spending time in their bedroom with their girlfriend/boyfriend behind closed doors, love them enough to speak to them. If someone lovingly confronts you, welcome his or her input. They care about you. Our culture of freedom exists because we freely call out the greatness in each other. It does not help anyone to ignore people’s poor choices and sin. If they don’t make a change quickly, bring it to the attention of the leadership team.



One definition of grace is “the underserved love of God and His power to change me and situations.” The Lord gives us grace to walk in purity and holiness. Holiness is really wholeness. The Lord asks us to walk in purity because it is life giving! Sin hurts you, other people and God. If you receive feedback or correction, your leaders may say something like “What were you thinking?” “You are way too awesome to be behaving that way!” Christians should never take a “break” or “vacation” from our character or the core values of Scripture. Grace gives us the power to change and stay changed. If you find in your heart the thought that you need a break from holiness, it reveals a dangerous condition of your heart that God is ready and able to heal. The Jesus Lab’s environment of freedom requires a high level of connection to God and community. We are calling out the royalty in one another, not just trying to abstain from sin.




  • Do your assignments and experiments well and with the right heart.

  • Truthfully record your attendance and Bible reading, etc. Do not mark down that you finished your reading if you have not. Being a person of integrity is far more important than short cuts, looking good, or avoiding conflict over your conduct.

  • Deal with your spouse and/or roommates with absolute integrity and service. How you treat the people in your home is deeply important to God, and consequently, to us.

  • With regard to sexual wholeness, seek to “be imitators of God” with “not even a hint of sexual immorality, or any kind of impurity, “living as “children of light” and finding out “what pleases the Lord (Eph. 5:1-12). This standard governs our private and public life. Let your sexuality be expressed in a way that pleases God. The Father has blessed marriage with the gift of sex and married couples are obviously expected to be faithful in body, heart and mind. All of those who remain unmarried are expected to honor God and one another with our sexuality. Pornography is not God’s best for any of His children. It objectifies, traps and degrades people. Viewing it diminishes a believer’s confidence and voice and creates a painful “di-vision” in our heart. Get help and stay connected to friends and The Jesus Lab leadership team if the enemy is trying to get a “foothold” and trap you in this temptation.

  • With regard to substance abuse and tobacco use, of course, we expect students to comply with all local laws and regulations of our government regarding substances that are legal and illegal. As for tobacco use, we encourage any Christian struggling with an addiction to receive the power of the Spirit to be free of this bondage. There is grace in this program to succeed in this area.

  • With regard to alcohol consumption: in the area of alcohol, we do not make a strict rule concerning its use because Scripture does not—except to never be drunk (Eph. 5: 18), and this is our expectation that you will never be drunk (from alcohol!). Our state government does have strict rules. We obviously expect you to obey these laws. Our freedom is given to us so that we may serve one another in love. We do not want the fear of punishment to control us, but we do want honor, respect, and wisdom to moderate our choices in order to protect our influence and ensure that it is positive. Carefully weigh how we may be a stumbling block to other Christians, and even unbelievers who may ignore our example to live a supernatural gospel because of the choice to drink in excess (or even at all). Consider your fellow lab-mates recovering from alcohol addictions, leaving a destructive “party” lifestyle, or who are underage. All this to say that we are asking love, wisdom and honor be foremost in your heart as you weigh and perhaps moderate the exercise of your liberty in the area of alcohol. Embrace and guard your role as an influencer as seriously as we do.



Fall Semester:

Every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 PM from September 1 to December 15, with the exception of November 24 (Thanksgiving week)

Spring Semester:

Every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 PM from January 12 to May 4, with the exception of March 16 (Spring Break)


We encourage each student to gain a full The Jesus Lab experience. One important step toward achieving this goal is 100% attendance. Because we understand that this is not always possible, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Check in is from 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM on Tuesdays. We recommend being here early to avoid a tardy.

  • You MUST sign in with your name & time at the sign-in table EVERY lab experience.

  • Students checking in after 7:00 PM for the lab will receive a tardy.

  • If you are signing in late/tardy, please sign-in with your name, time and reason for tardy.

  • Excused absence/tardy: mission trip, work schedule, sickness, family emergency, inclement weather, traffic jam, car trouble, etc.

  • Unexcused absence/tardy: “l went to the movies instead.” “l didn’t feel like coming to the lab.” “l was too tired.” All of these are “unexcused.”

  • Two unexcused tardy = One Unexcused Absence

  • Please do your best to maintain your attendance requirements so that your graduation status remains in good standing.



  • Lab experiences – attend a minimum of 26 Tuesday night labs

  • Complete all homework/reading assignments




1 Corinthians 14:1 – “Let love be your highest goal! But you should also desire the special abilities the spirit gives, especially the ability to prophesy.”

1 Corinthians 14:3 – “But one who prophesies strengthens others, encourages them and comforts them.”


It is seeing or hearing from God and then speaking what you see or hear in order to strengthen, encourage, and comfort.


  1. The Bible

  2. The Mind of Christ

  3. The Voice of God (internal whispers or audible voice)

  4. The Witness of the Spirit (feelings, impressions, 5 spiritual senses)

  5. Through other people

  6. Media (movies, books, music, art, etc.)

  7. Circumstances (symbols, timing, coincidence)

  8. Signs (nature, the heavens, the news)

  9. Visions – Trances – Being caught up

  10. Dreams

  11. Angelic Visitations

  12. Jesus Encounters


  1. Let love be your highest goal!

  2. Always use your gift to strengthen, encourage, and comfort.

  3. Honor leadership and minister where you have relationship and accountability.

  4. Be humble and realize that we see in part

  5. Test words that are negative or warnings

  6. Be yourself

  7. Operate out of peace and joy.


  1. Don’t prophesy when you’re angry or have issues with the people there.

  2. Don’t use prophecy as a platform for your doctrines or convictions.

  3. Avoid “thus sayeth the Lord”

  4. Don’t add to the revelation that the Lord gives you.

  5. Use wisdom with touch and ministering to the opposite sex.

  6. Use extreme caution with predictions about marriage, babies or disasters.

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